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-----Shri D.K.Datta, I.O.F.S.,
-----Chairman & D.G.O.F.,
-----Ordnance Factory Board,
-----10-A, S.K.Bose Road,


SUB: B.G.C.M. of the Association Dt. 18th &19th Janí2003.

REF: Our Even No.Dt.25.12.02 & 1.12.2002.

Honíble Sir,

With reference to the above, it is to bring to your kind notice that 4th Biennial General. Council Meeting of the Association was held on 19th Janí2003 at R.T.I.Kanpur, which was attended by delegates from more than 25 Ordnance Factories and National Executive Members. Itsí Inaugural Function on 18th evening was cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. Main features of the meeting are brought to your kind notice for suitable necessary action at your end please: -

  1. House was very much perturbed over cancellation of Member/Perís programme to inaugurate our function, in last days when preparations were already finalised and even invitation cards were printed. House was of the opinion that when a National Body representing a very important cadre of more than 2500 Jr. Works Managers and Promotee Officers of the Organisation, is inviting Chairman/Member (Per) in itsí B.G.C.M, it has some aspirations to welcome & honour the Organisational Heads, to put up and discuss cadre/ organisational problems and search out some amicable solutions on important issues/matters. Ignoring this, gives set backs to the cadre and organisation both and also hampers the teamwork of the organisation.
  2. Blocking of promotional prospects of JWMs & Promotee Officers and starving them for annual increments, promotions and rotting in same scale upto 17-18 years through repeated surrender of JTS posts to get higher posts in IOFS cadre, non following of legitimate/proper promotional quota in IOFS cadre, against govt. guidelines, expert committee reports and court views etc., inspite of our numerous representations since last several years, were the main issues/points of deliberations/discussions. House was very much agitated/disturbed against the feelings/thinking behind the problem and passed following unanimous resolutions: -
  3. " House of the 4th B.G.C.M. is of unanimous opinion that apprehension in certain sections of authorities responsible for implementation of cadre review etc. that more promotee officers may substandardise the IOFS cadre is baseless, against the views expressed by expert committees like Rajadhayksha committee etc. and even Honíble Supreme Courtís views of adequate and proper blend of Experience and Qualification upto 50% of any cadre is justified. Such apprehension appears to be out of prejudices imbeded in the minds of such officers and House condemns it."

    "House also passed that non response of O.F.Board to most of the serious problems being faced by the cadre, may compel us to go for direct actions like work to rule, non cooperation and other agitational modes, to seek justice".

  4. House desired following early actions by OFB to sort out JWMs/Promotee Officersí problems:

(a) To switch over to overall promotional ratio/quota of IOFS, for promotee officers and fix the promotional posts accordingly so that surrender of JTS or other lower posts of IOFS to get higher posts, does not affect our promotional prospects. Now this has become more relevant when direct recruitments through L.D.C.E. and U.P.S.C. in JWM cadre has already taken place. Even after changed SRO of JTS, only 209 promotional posts are open/available in IOFS for a cadre of nearly 2600 JWMs, which comes to a meagre percentage of 8 % only.

(b) To fill up nearly 200 posts of Works Managers lying vacant since a considerable longtime from JWMs/AWMs, already completed 7years qualifying service in 2375-3500/-(7450-11,500/-) scale, long back. JWMs already being used/pressurised to perform the functions of these posts as DGMs/Jt.GMs getting time scale of 13 years are not willing to perform these functions.

(c) To grant timescale of STS after completion of 7 years qualifying service in 2375-3500/-(7450-11500/-) scale w.e.f. 1.1.96 on the pattern of JAG/Jt.GM grade in IOFS after 13 years of qualifying service and provide the scale of Rs.8, 000-13,500/- w.e.f. 1.1.96, based on 3.25 multiplying factor arrived at by 5th C.P.C., and as per Principal Catís Judgment dt.6.2.2002.

(d) Early release of available JTS promotions, as promised by OFB authorities in our meeting dt.4.9.2002.

(e) Dovetailing of seniority from different streams of JWMs, including Nom-Tech stream for panelling to JTS should be done to remove disparity among different trades as agreed by OFB authorities in our meeting dt.4.9.2002 and already proposed by the Association.

(f) Dealing of JWMsí matters by N.G. group should be stopped at the earliest and a separate Gazetted ĎBí group should be created under separate authorities to give wide spectrum to the issues/problems and proper recognition to the cadre.

(g) JWMs should be called/classified as Sub-Divisional Officers or Officer In charge of the section instead of Head of Section like N.G.Os, which is giving serious impact on recognition/treatment meted out to them and leading to serious demoralisation and frustration of the cadre. Now JWM post is created in Non-Tech.side also and nearly 2600 JWMs are available in the department, there should not be any problem in this.

  1. House appreciated the good gesture of present Chairman/DGOF of minimum transfers, avoiding remote and distant transfers and considering several requests of JWMs for Inter-Factory transfers to choice stations. House requested Honíble Chairman to consider pending cases of transfer requests also, which should be preferably in public interest.

  1. In the last, House shown full confidence in present National Executive and itsí Leadership and extended itsí terms for further two years.

Thanking you very much and with high regards,

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yoursí Sincerely

-----(M.Mullick) --------------------------------------------------------------(F.B.Singh)
------President------------------------------------------------------------General Secretary

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