( ESTABLISHED ON 19.08.1994)





SHRI R.K.SAXENA             SHRI C. MUTHUVELLU              SHRI C. SWARUP              SHRI ABDUL MAJID
               JWM/GIF                                JWM/HVF                             JWM/FGK                             JWM/OPF






The Association will function in the name of " INDIAN ORDNANCE FACTORIES GAZETTED OFFICERS’ ASSOCIATION".

1. OBJECT : The objects of this Association are non political and are as follows:

1.1 : To secure recognition of the whole body of Gazetted Officers serving in Indian Ordnance Factories.

1.2 : To further and protect the legitimate interest of its members.

1.3 : To uplift the status and interest of its members.

1.4 : To maintain and promote co-ordial relations among the members of this Association.

1.5 : To protect and promote the interests of all members, to reduce their grievances and the endeavor to settle disputes with higher management amicably and by legitimate and constitutional means including collective bargaining and direct action like work to rule, mass casual leave and peaceful demonstration etc.

1.6 : The Association shall not be formed on the basis of caste, tribe and religious denomination.

1.7 : The Association shall not publish any periodical magazines etc. without the prior approval/permission of Govt.

2. MEMBERSHIP: Gazetted Officers serving in Indian Ordnance Factories. term "Gazetted Officer" pertains to all Jr.Works Managers and other Group ‘B’ Gazetted Officers like Hindi Officers, Asstt. Staff Officers & P.S. etc., or by whatever name, they may be called in future due to re-cadre structure etc. and also other Gazetted Officers who have risen from these ranks to Group ‘A’.

2.1 : Executive Committee & Office Bearers of the Association shall be elected/nominated from amongst members of the Association only.


3.1 : Subscription of the Association will be Rs. 10/- (per member) per month payable in monthly/quarterly/yearly installments and as per guidelines of the Government the system of payment. Accounting year of the Association will be from 1st April 31st March. Mode of recovery from members will be through Check- Off System as per CCS (RSA) Rules 1993.

3.2 : Fund of the Association will consist of exclusively of subscription from members and grants, if any from the Govt. The Association will not maintain fund or lend itself to the propagation of the views of any political party or a member of such a party.

3.3 : Every member will have to pay Rs. 100/- as entry fee/establishment fee. Respective Branches will retain Rs. 25/- for local expenses and balance Rs. 75/- will be remitted to the National Executive.

3.3.1 : Each branch will remit @ Rs.5/- per member/per month to the National Executive Hqrs., which will be the Governing body of this Association, along with the list members on roll of the Branch Association.

3.4 : Branches will present its Audited Account before the General Body and a copy of the same will be forwarded to the National Executive Hqrs.

3.5 : Expenditure of Zonal N.E. members will be borne by the National Executive Hqrs. And will be reimbursed on the basis of Expense Vouchers with approval of the N.E.

3.6 : If any member is in arrear of Subscription for more than a year due to his reasons, he will automatically cease to be a member.

3.7 : Re-entry to the membership will be only after payment of the arrears along with re-entry fee of Rs. 50/- .

3.8 : The General Treasurer / Treasurer shall keep up-to-date record/account of receipts and expenses of the N.E./Branch respectively.

3.9 : The General Treasurer/ Treasurer will issue printed receipts for amount received. They will also open a joint-account in the name of " Indian Ordnance Factories Gazetted Officers Association" to be operated by any two out of three Office Bearers i.e. President, General Secretary & General Treasurer in case of N.E. and Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer in case of Branch Executive.

3.10 : Management of Funds:

3.10.1 : These are the guidelines which are to be followed, subject to exceptional conditions for which N.E./B.E. should be informed.

3.10.2 : General Treasurer will hold a cash reserve of Rs.1000/- at hand to meet any sundry expenses of the N.E. The Treasurer will hold cash reserve of Rs. 500/- at hand to meet the sundry expenses of the Branch.

3.10.3 : N.E. Saving Bank Account should preferably have a cash balance of Rs. 10,000/- and cash surplus can be Fixed Deposited in the name of the Association keeping in view the foreseen expenses. Similarly a branch can keep Rs. 5000/- in Saving Account and balance in Fixed Deposit.

3.11 : National Executive/General Council is empowered to impose special levies on Members/Branches to meet emergent and unexpected requirement of the Association like Court Expenses etc.

3.12 : National Executive will also charge Delegate Fees and Annual Diary expenses etc. from the members/branches as per requirement.

4. NATIONAL EXECUTIVE (N.E.) – Location, Composition & Functions:

4.1 : National Executive shall consist of following Office Bearers/Executive Members:

4.1.1 : President

4.1.2 : Vice President

4.1.3 : General Secretary

4.1.4 : Joint General Secretary

4.1.5 : General Treasurer

4.1.6 : 10 Executive Committee Members: These will include 5 members from local branch/branches i.e. from the zone where N.E. is now located and 5 members from remaining Zones.

Note: - The National Executive will be empowered to co-opt 2 non voting members for assistance.

4.2 : The National Council or Biennial Conference of the Council as the case may be, shall decide about the Location (Station) of N.E. or stating to locate National Executive.

4.3 : The Election of N.E. will be done by delegates in Biennial Conference by Secret Ballots.

4.4 : The N.E. will consist of total 15 members as described in clause 4.1 above.

4.5 : The Tenure of N.E. will be for two years.

4.6 : Number of delegates for B.C. shall be decided from each branch as per following: -

4.6.1 : One delegate from every 30 members in the branch.

4.6.2 : Where number of members are less than 30 – one delegate.

4.7 : Zonal representative will be elected by the delegates of that zone in B.C. itself after election of N.E.

4.8 : Functions of National Executive:

4.8.1 : N.E. (Full) shall hold it’s meeting preferably in six months but at least once in a year. N.E. (Full) means all Office Bearers with Executive Member including Zonal Members.

4.8.2 : N.E. (Local) shall also meet periodically i.e. monthly/quarterly as per requirement.

4.8.3 : Emergent meeting can be convened at the discretion of General Secretary/President as per requirement.

4.8.4 : Any Member who is not attending 03 consecutive meeting of N.E. shall cease to be the member any more. However President is empowered to either allow him to continue or ask branch/branches (zone) to elect a new member in his place.

4.9 : President will preside over the meetings and in his absence Vice-President will preside and in the absence of both any senior member may be elected on the spot to preside. President will be the Head of the Association Body and in his absence Vice President will perform the functions of the President.

4.10 : General Secretary will do all the Correspondences and keep its record, do necessary coordination with different branches, peruse all important matters of the cadre with O.F.B. Kolkata & Govt. of India, keep informed the branches/ members of latest developments through circulars & web-site etc. and call necessary meetings of the National Executive & General Council etc. as per rules & requirement. General Secretary shall put up annual reports in Full N.E. & General Council Meetings.

4.11 : Joint General Secretary will assist the General Secretary in performing his duties & responsibilities and in absence of the General Secretary; Joint General Secretary will look after his duties& responsibilities also.

4.12 : General Treasurer will be responsible for all financial transactions/accounts and Up keeping of its records.

4.12.1 : He shall be responsible for keeping the record of the money received from various branches/sources. depositing all the money received in a Joint Account opened in the name of " Indian Ordnance Factories Gazetted Officers’ Association" which will be operated by any two of the officials namely President, General Secretary and General Treasurer.

4.12.2 : General Treasurer will issue the printed receipts to the Branches, get the Voucher & Accounts etc. signed by President & General Secretary who are the expensing authority. He will also get the expenditure approved by the National Executive.

4.12.4 : General Treasurer will also get the Account audited by the Chartered Accountant and put up to the General/Biennial Council for passing/approval.

5 : The Quorum for N.E. Meeting shall be of 06 members.

6 : National/ General Council Meetings.

6.1 : The Supreme Authority of the Association shall vest in National Council which shall be the General Body of the Association as a whole.

6.2 : A minimum of 60 days notice shall be given to the Branches & N.E. Members for convening the G.C.M. and forwarding of agenda points.

6.3 : Meeting of National/General Council shall be held at least once in two years, which will be named as Biennial General Council Meeting.

6.4 : National Council will be presided over by the President/Vice President or any other Senior Member with consent of the house.

6.5 : National Council shall elect a Convenor/Custodian from the Branch/Zone where N.E. will be located, who will be responsible for convening the meeting/election of Office Bearers of the National Executive within a fortnight of National Council Meeting. After election he shall intimate the names of the Office Bearers to all Concerned. The outgoing N.E. will handover the charge to the new elected N.E.

6.6 : National Council can carry out any amendment in bye-laws by two third majority of the house. National Executive will also be empowered to carry out such amendments to these bye-laws as or of technical and expedient nature, under the rule/requirement of the Government. All such amendments shall however, be ratified in the next General Council Meeting.

6.7 : Quorum for National Council Meeting shall be one third of the specified/delegated membership of the Branches.

6.8 : Chairperson will have only casting vote and voting by proxy is not allowed.


7.1 : The Association shall have five zones as below:

7.1.1 : North Zone :OCF Chandigarh, OF Muradnagar, OCF Shahjahanpur, OEF Hazaratpur, OFD, OLF & OFIOL Dehradun, OFC, SAF, FGK, OFIOL, OPF, OEF & OEF Hqrs. Kanpur.

7.1.2 : South Zone: AV Hqrs., OCF, HVF & EF Avadi, CF Arvankadu OFPM & OFIOL Medak, OFT & HAPP Trichurapalli.

7.1.3 : East Zone : OF Dumdum, MSF, RFI & OFIOL Ishapore, GSF Cossipore, OFB Kolkata, OF Bolangir& OF Nalanda.

7.1.4 : West Zone : OFA, MTPF &OFIOL Ambernath, AFK & HEF Kirkee, OF Dehuroad, OF Bhusawal & OF Varangaon.

7.1.5 : Central Zone: GCF, VFJ & GIF Jabalpur, OF Khamaria, OF Katni, OF Itarsi, OFSC, OFIOL & OF Ambajhari, OF Chanda & OF Bhandara.

7.1.6 : Any other Factory/Project coming up later will be covered by respective Zones.

7.2 : Each Zone will elect one member amongst the delegates of the Zone in the National Conference, to represent the Zone at the National Executive.

8. BRANCHES : Composition & Functions.

8.1 : The tenure of the Branch Executive shall be of two years like National Executive.

8.2 : Branches shall hold their Annual General Body meeting at least once in a year, pass their annual account and elect Office Bearers in alternate years.

8.3 : Branch Executive shall consist of following Office Bearers/Executive Members:

8.3.1 : Chairman

8.3.2 : Vice Chairman

8.3.3 : Secretary

8.3.4 : Jt. Secretary

8.3.5 : Treasurer

8.3.6 : One Executive Member on each 10 or more members of the branch. However Branch have liberty to adjust this figure to fulfill the functioning/representation requirements of the branch.

8.4 : Elections:

8.4.1 : Election of Office Bearers/ Executive Members will be done by secret ballot if required.

8.4.2 : Notice for Elections/General Body Meeting shall be given at least 30 days in advance.

8.4.3 : Election Officer should be decided with consent of the house and his decision will be final & binding to all. He should be a member of the Association and non-contestant.

8.5 : Functions:

8.5.1 : Chairman will preside over all the meetings of the Branch. In his absence. Vice- Chairman will preside. In absence of both, any senior Member will preside with consent of the house. Chairman will be Head of the Branch Association and in his absence Vice- Chairman will perform the functions of the Chairman.

8.5.2 : Secretary will do all the correspondences with the National Executive & concerned General Manager etc. and upkeep the records. He will peruse all the branch related cadre problems with the G.M./Factory authorities. On very emergent and specific issue of the Branch only, Secretary can write to OFB with copy to the National Executive but in any case any policy or all India related matter of the cadre cannot be taken up by any Branch Secretary with OFB/Govt of India directly. On visits of OFB/Govt dignitaries/authorities to any Branch, the Branch Executive may discuss the cadre related problems or give memorandums on the policy lines of National Executive only, with full intimation to the N.E. Secretary will convene all the required meetings of the Branch Executive/General Body as per bye-laws, prepare minutes etc. and keep the members informed of latest developments through circulars etc.

8.5.3 : Joint Secretary will assist the Secretary in all his functions as per requirement of the secretary and also act as Secretary in his absence.

8.5.4 : Treasurer will upkeep the records of Membership, Collections and Expenses etc. of the Branch. Treasurer shall also arrange deductions of Annual Subscription of Members through Check off System and forward the share of the N.E. timely along with entry fee etc. with periodical intimation of membership (at least once in a year) to the National Executive. Treasurer will put up the audited account to the Branch Executive/General Body for passing / acceptance and copy of the passed Account should be forwarded to N.E. also.


9.1 : Executive Committee Meeting of the branch shall be convened by the Secretary at least once in three months and General Body Meeting at least once in a year. He shall also convene Special G.B. Meeting on receipt of requisition signed by at least one-fourth members of the Branch but any such requisition shall not be raised within three months of any G.B. Meeting.

9.2 : Quorum for any G.B. Meeting shall be one third of the strength of the Members at the Branch.

9.3 : The Chairman shall have only casting vote and voting by proxy is not allowed.


10.1 : Any member can resign from membership of the Association through written application to the Secretary, after payment of his dues. Such resignation shall be put up in the meetings of Branch Executive/General Body for necessary decision / action.

10.2 : The branch can take disciplinary action on any member (s) by expelling him from the branch for anti association and questionable activities. Proposal for disciplinary action is to be supported by 2/3 majority of the members of that branch. Such proposal, duly passed by G.B., is to be forwarded to NE for final decision.

10.3 : The offending member will have right to appeal to the N.E.

10.4 : After consideration of all facts, NE shall give its decision, which shall be binding to all concerned.

11. REFUND :

No member shall be entitled for refund of entry fee / subscription including arrears realised and local or emergent levy paid by him in part or full.


In case of any dead lock or any dispute in branch, the matter shall be referred to NE for decision. Final decision of NE shall be binding on all the members.


Dissolution of any branch or full Association can be carried out only by two third Majority of the General/National Council.