Indian Ordnance Factories Gazetted Officers’ Association

HVF Branch, Avadi, Chennai


HVF Branch met with DGOF/Chairman OFB on 04/10/08 and Member/Per on 05/10/08 at Avadi on their visit and discussed about the up-gradation of Pay Scale of JWMs. The statements of the authorities were as under :

DGOF/Chairman (Meeting with Secretary/HVF Branch, NE Member, Jt.Sec/HVF,Exe.Member) - In the Board meeting dt. 25/9/08 a committee has been formed which will process the case with MoD and Anomaly Committee. OFB is going to recommend the Pay scale of SECTION OFFICER for JWMs. The recommendations will be forwarded to MoD on 31/10/08. No further representation is required from JWMs as it is already with OFB. (HVF branch handed over copy of HVF and NE representations along with Gazette Papers highlighting the equivalent scales to DGOF/Chairman).

Member/Per (During un-official meeting with Secretary/HVF Branch)-  OFB is going to recommend  Pay Scale of Section Officer to JWMs (i.e. pre-revised Rs.7500/- and after 4 years Rs. 8000/-(PB-III) ). On asking the approximate time for clearance from Anomaly committee he replied that about Three Months. First list of 50 Promotions will be released shortly, the same is pending for postings. Second 50 is under process.

( The above is just for information to all )