DATED 8/10/2004.



1.        All N.E.Members.

2.        All Branches.        

                                                                      SUB: Important Circular.

Dear Friends,

                        National Executive of the Association had a meeting with Hon’ble Chairman & DGOF / OFB, Shri P.K.Misra, at OFB Hqs.  Kolkata on 6.10.2004 on important issues of our cadre, which was attended by Member/P & MM, Shri N.K.Sahai, DDG/Admin, Mrs. M.Seth, DDG/NG, Shri B.Pugazhandhi Director/G, Shri P.Surendran & Director/NG, Shri S.S.Naskar etc. From our side President/IOFGOA, Shri F.B.Singh, General Secretary Shri S.N.Sharma, NE/MEMBER Shri K.K.Singh, Secretary/OLF Branch, Shri S.K.Ukil, Secretary O.F.Bhusawal Branch, Shri A.P.Misra and Chairman/OFB Branch, Shri M.K.Chakraborty and Secretary/ OFB Branch, Shri Gautam Roy were present in the meeting. Following are the important outcomes of the meeting:


1. Hon’ble Chairman/OFB informed that 158 more promotional posts are being released from the quota of STS vacant posts in addition to existing 50% promotional quota of JTS posts. This will be included in coming DPCof year 2005 and help in removing the stagnation problem of JWMs to some extent. Association welcomed the positive movement of the Chairman/OFB in sorting out our stagnation problem and requested that this process of releasing, unfilled STS posts due to non availability of individuals of required qualifying service, to promotional quota, should continue in Organisational and Cadre interests. Association also requested that system of filling of vacant STS posts on regular/adhoc basis from the individuals of 7 years’ of JWM & AWM service should be developed through adequate change in SRO etc. of IOFS on the pattern of Railways, based on DOPT guidelines and Cadre Review Committee recommendations etc.

2. Regarding inferior pay scale of JWMS in comparison to their counterparts in Railways etc, Hon’ble Chairman told that till court case is not withdrawn on the issue, matter cannot be discussed. The matter will be discussed in our coming BGCM.

3. Delays in DPCs for taking special permission from the Govt. to include very junior Non-Tech JWMs in the DPC, was also raised by the Association.Inspite of our repeated objections on the issue this time again, special sanction for including 9 Non-Tech individuals in the DPC, has been obtained from the Govt.The controversy remains unsolved. The matter will be discussed in coming BGCM.

4. DPC for 86 posts is over and promotion is expected by 15th of October. Configuration will be varying based on retirements etc. in different streams. Maximum parity in different Tech Streams will be maintained by giving the promotions based on seniority of JWMs. Clothing JWMs will also be getting promotion this time.

5. Although Association was not convinced to less/inadequate involvement/contribution of JWMs in production matters etc., as desired by Hon’ble Chairman/OFB, National Executive requests all its’ member to contribute/involve/exert more & more to keep the flags of our cadre and organisation high and show that we are not less than anybody in any sphere and our rich experience is boon for the organisation.


                 Wishing you all the best and thanking you,


                                                                                    Yours’ Sincerely,


                               (F.B.Singh)                                                                                                S.N.Sharma

                                President                                                                                            General Secretary

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