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Gazetted Officers' Association
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No.IOFGOA/NE/GS/OFB/CHAIRMAN------------------------------------------------------ DT. 3. 3. 2002


Shri D.K.Dutta,
Hon’ble Chairman & DGOF,
Ordnance Factory Board
10- A, S. K. Bose Road,

SUB: Cadre Review Of JWMs.

Hon’ble Sir,

Awaiting for the interview, with reference to our even no. dt. 1. 2. 02, National Executive has decided to clarify our stand and position on important issues to the new Chairman to process the things expeditiously: -

It is understood that off late, OFB has forwarded some cadre review proposal for JWMs to MOD vide it’s no. OFB/JCR/A/GB/2002, DT. 7.1.2002. Inspite of submission of our proposals in 10/99 and continuous perusing the issue, the matter has not been discussed with us and we have not been taken in confidence. Whatever essence we could get about the proposal, we have following submissions in this regard: -

1. Up gradation of JWMs to the Scales of 8000/- to 13,500/- and 7500/- to 12,000/- (50% each) , in Group ‘B’, will definitely give substantial relief in respect of stagnation in annual increments etc, but recommendations have following basic lacunas:-

  1. Fifth pay commission is adverse to the formation of any Selection/ Non Functional scale in any cadre (relevant recommendations of 5th pay commission, attached herewith pl)
  2. Govt. has already accepted 4-grade structure for the Technical Supervisory staff in Defence Establishments vide it’s MOD Letter No.11 (13)/97/D (Civ. 1) dt. 26.12.2001. Sr. JWM Scale of Rs. 8000/- to 13,500/- will be the 5th grade in Supervisory cadre.
  3. Most of the departments have upgraded entire or a portion of Sr. Supervisory cadre in Group ‘A’ through 5th pay commission to sort out their stagnation problem.
  4. Our department’s continuous hesitation in upgrading/promoting JWMs to Group ‘A’ level, in spite of much experienced & qualified staff as Engg. Degree/diploma holders Science graduates/post graduates and Engineering apprentices etc, is the main reason behind all problems. Only for this reason overall cadre ratio for Promotee Officers in IOFS Cadre,as per DOPT guidelines and Court judgments etc is not being maintained. Recommendations of Rajadhayaksha committee and Cadre review committee etc. are also being ignored (relevant papers enclosed herewith pl.
  5. 5th CPC has recommended/agreed for direct movement to STS from the scales of Rs. 2500-4000/-(now 7500-12,000/-) like JTS (Para 49. 8 c, copy enclosed) but the OFB proposal has created two further steps of JTS/B & JTS/A. DOPT guidelines, issued after recommendations of 5th CPC, entitles promotion from the scale of Rs. 7500-12,000/- to Rs. 8000-13,5000/- only after 2 years qualifying service and to the scale of 10,000-15,200/- i.e. STS, after 6 years qualifying service, but OFB proposal has recommended minimum 3 years qualifying service for the scale of Rs. 8,000-13,500/-(JTS/B), only. This all reflects that OFB is not only against JWMs’ Promotion to Group’A’, but also not ready to follow DOPT guidelines.
  6. Naming JTS/B scale as Sr. JWM i.e. Senior- Junior Works Manager is a very funny proposal. It could have been named as AWM/B or as below: -

Present Works Manager as Sr. Works Manager,
Present Asstt. Works Manager as Works Manager,
Proposed Sr. JWM as Asstt. Works Manager.

2. Proposal if accepted, further actions to insure proper movement of Promottee Officers in IOFS cadre, as suggested by the Association in it’s proposal dt. 5. 10. 99, based on DOPT guide lines and Court judgments etc, will be required to be taken to keep up the motivational level of the cadre. This becomes more relevant, when depart ment has already started direct recruitment in Group ‘B’ through LDCE/UPSC.

Thanking you and with best regards,

---------------------------------------------------------------------Yours Sincerely

(S. S. Verma)--------------------------------------------------------(F. B. Singh)
President-------------------------------------------------------- General Secretary

Encl: As Above

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