No. 11(13)/97/D(Civ.I)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
New Delhi, the 26th December,2001


----The Chief of the Army Staff
----The Chief of the Naval Staff
----The Chief of the Air Staff

----Subject : Recommendations of the Vth CPC regarding introduction of four Grade
--------------Structure for Technical Supervisory Staff in Defence Establishments.


----The undersigned is directed to refer to the recommendations given by the Vth CPC in paras 54.45, 63.252, 63.302 and 63.303 of its report and to say that the Government have accepted the recommendation to introduce four grade structure for the Technical Supervisory category in Defence Establishments in the ratio of 35:25:25:15 for Chargeman Grade-II, Chargeman Grade-I, Assistant Foremen and Foreman respectively. Accordingly, the sanction of the President is conveyed for authorization of the revised pay scales and the grade structure as indicated in the Annexure for the respective categories. For AOC, EME and OFB (Non-Technical category) the ratio will be as indicated in the Annexure, as per the specific recommendations of the pay commission for these organisations.

2.----The existing cadre of Technical Supervisory Staff will be restructured by suitable upgradation and downgradaton of the posts. If the revised number of posts is in excess of the existing strength of a particular grade, the difference will be deemed as newly sanctioned post in that grade. Similarly, if the revised number of posts in a grade is less than the existing strength the number of posts equal to the difference will be treated as having been abolished in that grade. In case any of the existing employees can not be adjusted within the newly introduced ratio, they will not be reverted and they shall hold the scale as personal to them till they wear out by promotion, retirement etc. However, the period of such retention of scale on personal basis shall not count for the purpose of eligibility for further promotion.

3.----Direct recruitment should be introduced to the extent of 33-1/3% from amongst three years diploma holders in Engineering/B.Sc at the level of Chargeman Grade-II, wherever, it is not already existing and the Recruitment Rules amended accordingly. Until the Recruitment Rules (RRs) are amended, filing up of the post of Chargeman Gr.II through other streams shall not exceed 66-2/3% of the vacancies.

4.----Recruitment Rules for the new grade(s), which are to be introduced in the respective organisations, should be framed and placement of individuals in that grade(s) be done only after fulfillment of the criteria as prescribed in the Recruitment Rules. Action should be taken by the concerned organizations in consultation with concerned administrative section in the Ministry and Integrated Finance for redistribution of the posts and framing of Recruitment Rules for all grades so as to have uniformity in RRs in all the organizations, for ensuring anomalies-free implementation of the orders.

5.----These orders will be effective from the date of issue. The actual benefit would however be admissible from the date of actual placement of the individuals in different grades on restructuring.

6.----This issues with the approval of Defence (Finance/AG/PB) vide their I.D. No. 933/AG/PB dated 26.12.2001.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yours faithfully,
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Piara Ram)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Under Secretary to the Govt.of India

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AG/MP 4(Civ)(a)--------------DGNCC/Pers(c)----------------DGDE/Admin
Air HQrs./PC-5---------------DGAFMS/DG-2(B)--------------DGAQA
NHQ/CP Dte.-----------------OFB Calcutta----------------DGQA/Admin.-7B

D(Apptt.); D(Fy.II); D(R&D); D(GS.III); D(qs); D(Q&C); D(JCM); D(AG); D(N.II); D(Air.III); D(Works-II); D(O.II).

The CGDA; All CDAs; All Sr. Dy. DADS; The DGADS; The Astt. Audit Officers (Defence Services), Kirkee, Kanpur, Bangalore and Allahabad; The Director of Accounts (Postal) APS Section, Nagpur-440001.

DFA(AG); DFA(Navy); DFA(AF); DFA(Works); DFA(Budget-II); AFA(DP-I); C.C.A.(Factory), Calcutta.

OF Cell, G Block; Chief Canteen Officer/QMGs Branch; OC Defence Security Troops, Room No.4, H Block; Air HQrs./JDPC; AG/PS-3(a0; AG/PS-3(b); AG/Budget; E-in-Cs Branch/CSCC; E-in-Cs Branch/EIB; Addl. DGOF, Kanpur, DGQA/Admin.(14); Coast Guard HQrs., National Stadium, New Delhi; AD/DGQA(Coord); HQ ATVP, Paryavaran Bhavan.

General Secretary, All India Defence Employees Federations, 70 Market Road, Kirkee, Pune-411003.

General Secretary, Indian National Defence Workers Federations, 25/19, Karachi Khana, Kanpur-208001.

Chairman, Central Administrative Tribunal, Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi.

General Secretary, Bhartiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh, 2, Navin Market, Kanpur-208001.

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