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Dear Friends,

First of all I take the opportunity to welcome all august members present in this full N.E. meeting, which is opened for Branches also to increase itsí importance and wide participation.

The Year 2002 is knocking at the door and National Executive wishes a very happy and prosperous New Year for all Members and their families. May God shower all happiness and joy to everybody in the New Year. In the third BGCM on 13th and 14th January 2001, we were directed to make fresh approaches to Ordnance Factory Board on important issues related with JWMs. Views of the BGCM on important issues and resolution passed, was immediately forwarded to OFB through strong representation for necessary action vide our letter No.IOFGOA/NE/GS/OFB/ CHAIRMAN Dt.18.1.2001, copy of which was forwarded to the Secretary DEFPROD, all NE Members and Branches also for necessary information.

Issue of difference in Tech and Non Tech promotion seniority, raised in the BGCM was also taken up with OFB vide ourís No.IOFGOA/NE/GS/OFB Dt.2.3.2001 alongwith relevant court judgment, copy of which was also forwarded to the Secretary DEFPROD, DOPT, all NE Members and Branches also. Then Honíble Chairman, Shri A.D.Dave took all these matters very seriously and made the Personnel Department to run to short out JWMsí prolonged problems. Our long pending Cadre Review Proposal was forwarded to the ministry but the government advised OFB to put up the proposal after September 2001 due to financial constraints. Member/Perís D.O. letter No. PJ0001/A/GB DT.6.2.2001, regarding Recognition/Status of JWMs, to all General Managers was the outcome of Shri Daveís sincere efforts to improve the condition of JWMs. Raising of promotion quota from 40% to 50% was a major change in OFBís policies in the line of positive considerations.

Chairmanís own DO letter to the Principal Director O.F. Staff College, Ambajhari, to start proper and well-considered management development programme for JWMs, the important/critical feeder category to IOFS cadre, was another milestone in the process. But it was unfortunate for JWMs that his tenure was very short and leadership of the organisation again went in the hands who believe that we are promoted from Chargeman to JWM and we should be satisfied with this much, result of which we are again held up. After long efforts, we were granted an interview by Shri S.K.Mohanty, Honíble Chairman, on 2nd July 2001 at OFB Kolkatta. All the important matters were discussed in detail by the National Executive but outcome of the meeting was not encouraging. Important features of the discussion was circulated vide our letter No IOFGOA/NE/GS/CHAIRMAN/OFB Dt.7.7.2001 to all NE Members and Branches for necessary information.

Instead of granting any relief, OFB started transferring individuals with less than 5 years service to distant places as a punishment measure on report of certain General Managers, which was very strongly protested by the NE vide its Memorandum No.IOFGOA/NE/GS/ CHAIRMAN/OFB Dt. 15.9.2001, copy of which was forwarded to the Secretary DEFPROD, all NE Members and Braches also. Out of three such individuals from SAF, stations of two have been changed and one has applied for volunteer retirement. Regarding long awaited DPC for promotions to AWM, it is informed by our NE Member/OFB, Shri R.K.Khan, that he is continuously expediting concerned authorities but excuses of non receipt of ACR etc is being told to him, as it is the responsibility of the Association to arrange ACR of JWMs .It has been told by Director NG, Shri Sharma that he will forward the cadre review paper, 2nd time, to the ministry by 31st December 2001,as intimated by Shri Khan, JWM/OFB.

Our court cases are being told as one of the reasons in such delays, which does not appear to be convincing and logical. We have gone for court cases after a long persuasion & negotiations for nearly a decade and no alternative left to us. As advised by BGCM, writ petition in the case of 60:40 promotion ratio has been filed in the Delhi High Court. Two-Three dates have passed but admittance hearing is yet to be done and expected on next date i.e, 18.1.2002. Case for Pay Scale is also continuing in the Principal Cat, New Delhi and awaiting final hearing. Next date fixed is 15th January 2002.

Court is insisting on Anomaly Committee Report but OFB is delaying the submission. Some slackness on the part of our Advocate was noticed when he missed 2-3 chances of final hearing otherwise the pay scale case could have been decided so far. OFM Branch has been advised to watch the situation carefully and do needful in the matter. We are in very critical situation where change in advocate may not be beneficial. We have already changed two Advocates in the past. Cooperation given by different branches, especially by central zone, in raising the funds for court cases is worth appreciating. While main reliefs sought in both the court cases were circulated to all NE Members and Branches, full petitions are available here for scanning by interested members.

As circulated earlier, Association has launched itsí own Web-Site with the help and sincere efforts of Shri R.K.Kushwaha JWM/HVF, Avadi, through which members will be able to get instant News & Circulars from NE, updated discipline wise Seniority List of JWMs, Whoís where of JWMs, Contact details of NE Members & Branch Associations and Guest Book for valuable suggestions from visitors etc. The House must indorse itsí sincere thanks and appreciation for Shri R.K.Kushwaha to acknowledge his explendid contribution for the Association. This will not be only very useful for us but also increase the status of the Association & JWMs. NE has itsí E-Mail address also for fast communications

Like other years, we have arranged the diaries well within time i.e., before start of the New Year, inspite of serious financial constraints due to court cases and delayed receipt of money and requisitions from the branches. Members are requested to collect the diaries of their branches from us before leaving the station. Although no substantial achievements so far, but National Executive is putting all its sincere efforts and serious pressure on OFB through court cases and effective representations etc, to bring justice to the cadre. We are not leaving any stone unturned in exposing the ill feelings of the department towards JWMs. We are confident that justice will prevail one day. Positive changes may come out after change in Leadership of the organisation. Hoping for the best and thanking you all.

Yours Sincerely


General Secretary

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