(Founded: 19.08.1994)

GENERAL SECRETARY-------------------------------------------- No.IOFGOA/NE/GS/.....
e-mail: 06.09. 2002

1. NE had a meeting on 4.9.02 at OFB hqrs.with OFB authorities on promotional matters of JWMs.

2. Henceforth advance DPCs will be conducted by OFB on yearly basis and promotions will be ordered on monthly basis as soon as posts are vacant to avoid delays in promotion orders.

3. 53 promotions are expected by January 2003, based on posts available as per old SRO(40% of 417 JTS posts--167 posts available for promotees).Promotions will be ordered for vacant posts available on the date of promotion out of these 167 posts, which comes aprox 53 December 2002.

4. After september 2002, new DPC based on new SRO(50% of 417 JTS posts----209 nos for promotees), will be conducted and based on this further promotions of approx 53 nos. is expected by March 2003.

5. OFB is agreed for dovetailed seniority of all disciplines to maintain absolute parity in all trades for which NE is submitting proposal shortly as desired by OFB.

6. OFB is not agreed to change the promotion quota on overall IOFS posts basis for which we will have to seek the verdict from the court.

7. OFB is also not agreed for time scale or direct promotion to STS after 7 years qualifying service in JWM cadre for which also, we will have to depend on court verdict.

8. OFB pay scale proposal is not yet materialised and being persued by OFB continuously.

9. Recognition work of the Association is under progress. GMs may shortly recieve letters for certification of membership. Branches should cooperate and coordinate in verification work and show their maximum memberships.

General Secretary
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