(Founded: 19.08.1994)

GENERAL SECRETARY-------------------------------------------- No.IOFGOA/NE/GS/CHAIRMAN/OFB
e-mail: 17.7. 2002


Shri D.K.Dutta,
Chairman &DGOF,
Ordnance Factory Board,
10-A, S.K.Bose Road,

-----------------SUB: PROMOTION ORDERS FROM JWM TO AWM DT. 28.6.02.

Hon’ble Sir,

-----------------We are thankful that things have started moving after your taking over as chairman & DGOF of the organisation and after a long span, promotion orders from JWMs to AWMs have been released and also several genuine cases of interfactory transfers of JWMs have been considered/under consideration. But still lot of things are required to be done to give substantial relief to the cadre as present waiting period from JWM to AWM is aprox 16-17 years in place of only 3 years’ qualifying service required for the purpose and most of the cadre is stagnating without increments and promotions creating serious demoralisation/frustration and draining out experienced personnel from the department through voluntary retirement etc. This can be done only through early finalisation of our cadre review and changeover from vacancy based to overall post base promotion ratio as per DOPT guide lines and court judgments in this regard which has been repeatedly represented/ pointed out by the Association in past. With reference to above promotion orders, Association has got following submissions: -

-----------------Year wise parity has not been maintained in different streams. Some streams have been cleared up to 85/87 only and others up to partly 88/89/93. A comparative statement is enclosed herewith please for your ready reference. As for as possible year wise parity should be maintained. Based on Jabalpur CAT judgments dt.20.2.97 (O.A. No.227 of 1995) and dt.26.11.96 (O.A.No.720 OF 1994), it was represented vide our even no. dt. 2. 3. 2001(copy enclosed) that to maintain parity between Tech and Non-Tech streams, inter seniority in common grade of Chargeman-I should be taken to avoid much junior Non-Tech persons of more than 10 years due to non existence of Asstt. Foreman (Non-Tech) grade in the stream, getting promotion along with very senior Tech JWMs. This has not been entertained and inviting further court case in the matter.

-----------------Promotion order is effective from 28.6.02. Individuals have been included who have expired/taken voluntary retirement much earlier to this as shown below: -

--(A) Sl. No.62 of Engineers, Shri G.Palanichamy JWM/HVF, has expired on 17.4.2002.

--(B) Sl.No.1 of Metallurgists, Shri T.B.Rajaganapathy JWM/HVF has taken voluntary retirement w.e.f.11.11.2001.

-----------------In the above places, other persons could have been included. Several individuals in the above promotion order have been benefited only for few days, weeks or months and only within 6 months 21 persons will retire (comparative statement enclosed pl). Timely conduction of DPCs could have much benefited them. Timely action for filling up such posts and other resultant vacant posts should be taken please.

-----------------Thanking you and with high regards,

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yours Sincerely,

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (F.B.Singh)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------General Secretary

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