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e-mail: 22.7. 2002


Shri P.M.Nayar,
Secretary Defence Production,
Govt. of India,

-----------------SUB: Ordnance Factory Board’s Proposal For Up-Gradation of Junior
----------------------Works Managers (Group-B Gazetted) Of Indian Ordnance Factories.

-----------------REF: O.F.Board I.D.No.OFB/JCR/A/GB/2002 Dt.7.1.2002.

Hon’ble Sir,

-----------------Junior Works Managers of Indian Ordnance Factories is a Sr. Group B Gazetted cadre of nearly two thousand well qualified, experienced and matured technical officers, functioning as Head of Sections/ Departments and Divisional Officers etc. It is one of the key functional posts of Ordnance Factories i.e. Chairman/ General Managers/Head Of Sections. -

-----------------Unfortunately, due to repeated surrender of JTS posts (our promotional grade) by OFB to get higher posts in I.O.F.S. (Group ‘A’) cadre, non finalisation of any cadre review for JWMs and also ignoring the facts by 5th Central Pay Commission as reflected in above OFB proposal, most of the cadre is badly stagnating and debarred from even annual increments. Individuals are in the same pay scale up to 16-17 years and not getting any promotion where as only 3 years qualifying service is required for promotion from Jr. Works Manager to Asstt. Works Manager (Jr. Time Scale) of GroupA, creating serious frustration and demoralisation in the entire cadre. This has spoiled the total Management teamwork, bittered the relations between Group ‘B’ and Group ‘A’ officers, causing several court cases and leading to draining out of experienced personnel from the department through voluntary retirements etc. and stoppage of work, where expertise is required.

-----------------Off late, OFB has sent above proposal for up gradation of JWMs, which will give some relief to our cadre and our increments will open. The proposal is without any financial repercussions but pending in the Ministry since more than last six months.

-----------------It is very humbly requested to your good self to kindly look into the matter personally and arrange for early clearance of the proposal, which should be effective from 1.1.96(The date of implementation of 5th C.P.C.), to give justice to the cadre.

-----------------Thanking you and with high regards,

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yours Sincerely,

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (F.B.Singh)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------General Secretary

Copy To:

-------1.Shri Hiren Pathak,
---------Hon’ble State Minister For Defence Production, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

-------2.Chairman, Ordnance Factory Board, Kolkata-700001.

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