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----------------------SUB: Vacant Posts In S.T.S. Grade

Hon’ble Sir,

It isto draw your kind attention that nearly 300 posts in S.T.S. grade are lying vacant as qualified individuals as per S.R.O., completing four years service in J.T.S. grade are not available in the department, while at the other hand department is facing acute shortage of Divisional Officers, overloading existing Divisional Officers and also Officers of JAG level etc. are directly working as Divisional Officers in several cases. This is not only deeply effecting the productivity of the organisation but also creating frustations in lower and middle management levels.

-----------The Association has repeatedly represented in the past also that as per DOPT guidelines, 7 years' Foreman(T)/ JWM in the scale of 2375-3500/7450-11,500/- are also entitled for this promotion subject to proper endorsment in the SRO. Recommendations of Cadre Review Committee formed by OFB in Nineties under DOPT guidelines,based on which we were reclassified as Group 'B' Gazetted.

-----------The aforesaid Cadre Review committee has recommended converson of Foreman(T) into Group'B' with consequent benefits of ad-hoc promotion to Senior Time Scale as a purely temporary measure after completion of 8 years regular service taking together the service in Group 'B' and group 'A'. These ad-hoc promotions were to be operative till such time officers in Junior Time Scale are not available for regular promotion to Senior Time Scale as per the relevent SRO.

-----------But due to active objections from "Indian Ordnance Factories Service Association" in the name of seneority of directly recruted IOFS Officers, the second phase of the proposal could not finalise. In this regard we have the following submission:-

------1. Promottee Officers are not their competitors as we are on the urge of retirements and only get few -------------increaments after long stagnations.

------2. Requirements of Divisional Officers of the Organisation, which is affecting them also in the form of JAG -----------etc. directly working as Divisional Officers, will be met.

------3. Teamwork and the Productivity of the Organisation will increase.

------4. If required directly recruited officers may also be promoted in line to the vacant post of STS on ad-hoc ---------basis till they complete their qualifying service for STS.

In view of the above situations Indian Ordnance Factories Gazetted Officer's Association submits the following proposal for the filling up of the vacant posts of the STS:-

I.----After proper intercorporation in SRO of IOFS, 7 years' JWMs should be allowed for promotion to STS as per ------DOPT guidelines, as their is no purpose of promoting well experienced officers to the training posts of JTS.

II.----If regular promotion is not possible vacant posts should be filled up on ad-hoc basis in line with existing --------AWMs and 7 Years JWMs. The system is Prevailing in Railways.

----In absence of the above two posts of JTS & STS should be clubbed together having common use of Divisional Officers, for the purpose of calculating 50% promotion quota etc. which will open nearly 511 posts for promotion in place of only 209 posts available for promotion for a cadre of 2746 JWMs (nearly 8% only) being too meagre and main reason behind serious stagnation of JWM cadre. Things have become more relevant when direct recruitment in JWM cadre is taking place through U.P.S.C./ L.D.C.E.

----------------------- Hoping for the necessary considerations and Thanking you,

--------------------------------------------------With best regards,

Yours Sincerely,

(F. B. Singh)

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