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----------------------SUB: D.P.C. & Promotions for J.T.S. Posts.

Hon’ble Sir,

It is end of the May, but D.P.C. of J.T.S. posts for the year 2004 is still not finalised where several entitled persons are retiring every month after stagnating for several years.

Like last year when one time special permission was taken from the Govt. to include Non-Tech JWMs in the DPC, this year also attempt is being made to take special permission from the Govt. to include them in the DPC, which appears to be the main reason behind the delay in D.P.C./Promotions of JTS, where Non-Tech JWMs are not entitled for this DPC for the following reasons:-

1. As per SRO they have not completed 3 years qualifying service as JWM required for the post of AWM.

2. They are recently promoted to JWM cadre and still in probationship.

3. Non-Tech JWMs are 10-15 years junior to Tech JWMs due to, so far non-existence of Asstt.Foreman (Non-Tech) grade in the cadre and they cannot be empanelled with Tech JWMs. Enclosed CAT. Jabalpur judgement Dt. 20.02.1997 in O.A. No. 227 of 1995 (Rajendra Prased v/s Union of India) is very much relevent in the matter which clearly says that when a post is filled up by considering staff of different seneority units, the total length of the service in the same or equivalent (common) grade held by them, shall be the determining factor for assigning Inter - Seneority. In our case common grade is Chargeman-I/ Chargeman-II.

4. While sanctioned strength of Non-Tech JWMs is 131 out of 2764 total sanctined strength of JWMs, which comes to only 5% but they are already occupying 31 posts out of 187 occupied promotional posts of the JTS, which goes to approx. 17%.

5. SRO (IOFS) does not specify No. of posts for any stream/discipline and there is wide interdisciplinery use if the officers in the Ordnance Factories.

--------Above facts are causing serious imbalance/ disparity in inter-seneority etc. and very junior Non-Tech JWMs are getting promotions with very senior Tech-JWMs which has been repeatedly braught in the notice of OFB through our different meetings and representations etc. But being in the administration Non-Tech stream is manipulating the things at the heavy cost of Tech Stream, which is not justified please.

--------Hoping for the necessary considerations and Thanking you,

--------------------------------------------------With high regards,

Yours Sincerely,

(F. B. Singh)

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