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    Shri P.K.Misra,
    Hon'ble Chairman & D.G.O.F.
    Ordnance Factory Board,
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--------------------------SUB: Pay Scale and Promotional Prospects of Promotee Officers

--------------------------REF: Attached Railway Board's Letter No. E(GP) 2003/2/22 , dt. 16.06.2003


    Hon’ble Sir,

    -------------We would like to draw your kind attention towards attached and above referred Railway Board's letter which will reveal following facts about status of Pay Scale and Promotional prospects of our counterparts in Railways: -

      80 % of Group 'B' officers have been upgraded to the Pay Scale of Rs.8000-13, 500/- vide Gazetted Notification No.PC-V/97/1/EC/1 (Group 'B') which is applicable for all Organised Services. Balance 20% of Group 'B' officers in Railways are in the Pay Scale of Rs.7500-12,000/- (S-14) while entire senior most Group 'B' Gazetted Post of our Organisation i.e. Jr. Works Managers are placed in the Pay Scale of Rs.7450-11, 500/- (S-13) which reflects that we are placed two scale below our counter parts in Railways .

      If we refer para 5.2 and 6.2 at page -3, it will reflect that there is a system of putting promotee officers in the officiating/ad hock pay scale of Rs 10,000-15200/- i.e. S.T.S. also in the Railways. If we refer Page 5 at Sl.No. 5, it will reveal that there is a Govt. recognised Indian Railways Promotee Officers Association to take care of their cadre problems but inspite of completing all the formalities long back our recognition is still awaited.

      Hon'ble Sir, due to above reasons better half of the Management Structure of Indian Ordnance Factories is feeling frustrated and demoralised, adversely affecting the Management team work of the Organisation. Sir, being in the administration for a long time you might be aware that this all is happening due to ill feelings in different segments of the Organisation.

      Hon'ble Sir, as you are having a vast administrative experience, a long tenure as Chairman & D.G.O.F. of the Organisation and after all a better rapport with the Ministry/ Govt. of India, we and the Organisation have lot of expectations from you and we are confident that you will be able to sort out decades old problems of our cadre through your dynamic leadership.

      Thanking you and with best regards,

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yours’ Sincerely

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------General Secretary
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